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About ​Eco Friendly Facilities Management
Who we are

Eco Friendly Facilities Management Ltd recognises and responds to the fact that sustainability has social, environmental and economical implications.

As a company that builds for the future we are in a position to have a significant impact on the physical environment and the lives of those in the communities where we work. We are committed through a range of policies to enhance the quality of life of the inhabitants of our clients and as such exceed our stakeholder’s expectations.


  • We aim to insure the Health and Safety of our craftsmen and others.
  • We actively engage with the local community to ensure that our activities do not affect local residents and retailers and we protect the local environment.
  • We want to exceed our customers’ expectations


  • We aim for “lean construction”. By this we mean to deliver buildings and structures that improve the health and well being of its inhabitants, enabling them to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. We source materials that have low energy intensity and minimise environmental damage in their production, construction, occupation and in dismantling of them.
  • We provide employment and stimulate the economy.
  • We minimise the use of natural resources and energy during the construction phase.
  • We are considerate to our clients needs, our employees and others who affected by our works.
  • We aim to use local materials.
  • We choose materials carefully to ensure we do not waste materials as this makes economic and environmental good sense.

Contact Info

Eco Friendly FM - 413 Crofton Road Orpington Kent BR6 8NL
Kent Office 01689 862 208 - London Office 0203 876 6874
Tony Bennett : 07591 006 001
Eco Friendly FM it a trading company of MACATO LIMITED
Company number 07506366